Cost of Living

Cost of living is relative. Depending on your perspective, you may believe Apex to be a downright bargain, about average, or kind of expensive. In order to better communicate the cost of living in the region, Wake County Economic Development participates in the quarterly ACCRA Cost of Living survey

ACCRA uses 100 as an index, where anything less than 100 is less expensive than average, and anything more than 100 is more expensive. The greater Raleigh metro area consistently scores lower than 100, meaning the area is slightly less expensive than the average US City. 

To see the most detailed and current results, including a comparison against similar cities, please visit the WCED Cost of Living Page. Or to compare your city directly to our Town – and to determine what you need to make to maintain your standard of living, please visit Sperling’s Best Places Cost of Living Calculator.

Tax Rate Information

Tax Rate
Apex Property Tax Rate$.41 per $100 of assessed value
Wake County Property Tax Rate$.6195 per $100 of assessed value
Combined Town / County Property Tax Rate$1.0295 per $100 of assessed value

Source: Cost of Living Index: Annual Averages 2017 

Cost of Living