Sidewalks in Apex are required on both sides of all thoroughfares and collector streets and are constructed by developers along their property frontage as projects occur. Sidewalks are also required on one side of all new residential streets, and both sides within Planned Unit Developments. Because many roads in Apex were built prior to the requirements listed above, and new development is only required to improve their road frontage, a lot of areas lack a complete sidewalk network.

The Town of Apex adopted a policy in Advance Apex: The 2045 Transportation Plan to prioritize individual sidewalk projects within the Town Center (Apex Peakway), around schools, and within transit oriented development areas. Sidewalks in these areas are typically constructed with money allocated through the Town of Apex 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan, the Capital Area MPO Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP), or transportation bond funds. The Town of Apex also contributes funds to larger NCDOT roadway improvement projects to provide planned pedestrian and bicycle facilities. More information about current sidewalk projects can be found on the Transportation Projects page. 

Town staff have identified every sidewalk gap along thoroughfares and collector streets and use data such as crashes, availability of alternate pedestrian routes, connections to activity centers, and proximity to schools and transit routes to prioritize sidewalks for construction. 

Additional Information

To request a new sidewalk in an area where a sidewalk does not currently exist, please complete the Request for New Sidewalk form.

For more information about sidewalks in Apex, contact Jenna Shouse, Senior Long Range Planner, at jenna.shouse@apexnc.orgor 919-372-7509.