Rain Barrels

The Town of Apex is selling rain barrels manufactured by Rain Water Solutions, Inc. at cost to customers in an effort to help them conserve water.


The rain barrels are $88 each. Due to high demand there is a limit of 2 rain barrels per customer.

How to Purchase - Two Options

  1. The cost of the rain barrel can be added to your utility bill. Call Customer Service at (919) 362-8676 to arrange this type of payment.
  2. OR... Visit the Customer Service desk at Apex Town Hall (73 Hunter Street) during normal business hours, 8am - 5pm.


Rain barrels are stored at the Purchasing Warehouse, located at 105-C Upchurch Street. Contact Purchasing at (919) 387-3087 to arrange a time for pick-up.

Black rain barrel

Using a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel should be placed under a downspout to collect rainwater from the roof. A screen on the inlet of the barrel keeps debris out of the barrel and stops mosquitoes from breeding.

Rain Barrel Statistics

  • The barrel holds 65 gallons of water and is equipped with a 3/4 inch brass spigot that can be used to fill watering cans or to connect to a standard garden hose.
  • Depending on the roof area, a rain barrel can be filled by as little at 1/10th of an inch of rain. (A 1,000 square foot roof can collect about 625 gallons of water from 1 inch of rainfall.)
  • The barrels are equipped with an overflow hose to route excess water away from the home foundation.