Contractor / Builder Service Requests & Inspections

Online Request Forms for Service Requests and Inspections

Requests for water and sewer installations and inspections should be submitted via our online request forms below.  This is our preferred method, however, if you have difficulty accessing or using these online forms you may contact Jessica Sloan at 919-372-7478 to assist you.

Water and Sewer Final Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy Approval

The Water and Sewer Final Inspection must be completed and passed before you call in for your final building inspection. To schedule a Water & Sewer Final Inspection, fill out the online request form above.  There is no fee for 1st and 2nd Inspections. If a 3rd inspection is required a re-inspection fee in the amount of $75 will be assessed to the existing building permit.  


Inspections are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Requests for inspections must be received by 3:00 p.m. the day before the inspection.

The following checklist requirements must be met to pass the Water & Sewer Final Inspection: 

Water Checklist

Please reference Section 6 - Water Distribution in the Town of Apex Standard Specifications and Construction Details.

    • Meter (Visual Inspection) - Meter should be set properly - 4 to 6 inches from the meter lid to the meter register. 
    • Meter Box (Visual Inspection) - The meter box should be flush with grade, clear of water, and contain 4 inches of #57 stone.
    • Setter (Visual Inspection) - Setter must have a dual check valve, located at the correct depth of 6 to 8 inches, and show no visible signs of damage.
    • Radio Module  - The module should be correctly mounted on a fiberglass rod approximately the same elevation as the meter.
    • Water Service (Visual Inspection) - The area around the service should be back filled and graded for proper drainage.  Area should not be wet or soft.
Sewer Checklist

Please reference Section 7 - Sanitary Sewers in the Town of Apex Standard Specifications and Construction Details.

    • Combination (Camera) - Combination is not cracked or damaged.
    • Service Line (Camera) - No debris is found in the line and the line does not hold water.
    • Sewer Cap (Visual Inspection) - Sewer cap is on the stack and not damaged.
    • Stack (Camera) - Stack is straight, not bent.
    • Stack Height (Visual Inspection) - Stack height is at least 6 inches above final grade.
    • Tap (Camera) - Tap is made at the correct angle going to the main and in proper alignment.
A pass/fail notification will be left in the lot box.  You will be required to resubmit an online service request in the event your inspection fails.