Record Drawings

Record Drawing Submittals

Record Drawing submittals must be uploaded to IDT Plans for electronic review by the Infrastructure Inspector, Infrastructure Inspections Manager, GIS Technician, and Parks and Greenways Planner (for public greenway record drawings). Upload the Record Drawing submittal as a New Project in IDT Plans. Include the following information for review on the first upload: *Record Drawings (Individual PDF Files) *Engineer’s Water Certification of Completion, if applicable

*Engineer’s Sewer Certification of Completion, if applicable

*Engineer’s signed/sealed bond estimates

*Signed/Sealed Record Drawing Checklist (PDF)

*For Construction Plans initially submitted April 13, 2022 and later, please use this Record Drawing Checklist

*Signed/Sealed Greenway Record Drawing Checklist (PDF)

After the Record Drawings have been reviewed, approved and digitally signed by Town staff, an email will be sent from IDT Plans requesting the Engineer to upload the AutoCAD drawing for review. Please allow three days for review of the Record Drawings by inspections staff and a three day review of the AutoCAD drawing by the GIS Technician.

Please apply the Record Drawing Certification (included in the checklists) to each plan sheet before uploading the plans to IDT. Please see the Electronic Record Drawing Submittal Process (PDF) for more information and directions for IDT Plans.

Questions regarding Record Drawings (Site Data, Public Roadway System, Storm Water Drainage System, Water Distribution System, Sanitary Sewer System) should be directed to the Infrastructure Inspections Manager at (919) 249-3386.

Questions regarding Record Drawings for public greenways should be directed to Angela Reincke, Parks and Greenways Planner at (919) 372-7468.

Questions regarding Record Drawings for Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) should be directed to Jessica Bolin, P.E., Stormwater Engineering Manager at (919) 249-3537.