Many birthdays, retirements, and anniversaries have been celebrated at The Halle. Ambient lighting and a professional sound system set the tone for the festivities, while the architecture of the restored 1912 building provides built-in d├ęcor.

A catering kitchen can be included in the rental, with a large refrigerator, ice machine, sink and ample counter space. The Halle allows for maximum flexibility with your rental and does not require the use of a particular caterer.
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Rental Rates
If you are interested in seeing our rental rates then please view out Rental Form (PDF).

Additional Information

Call 919-249-1120 and schedule a tour of the Halle!

Alcohol is allowed at the Halle during rentals, however there is a permit, insurance, and off-duty officer requirement.
Please view and fill out our Alcohol Permit (PDF) and our Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF).

Room Allocation
Auditorium150/chairs OR 100/tables & chairs OR 175/standing room
Studio Gallery40/chairs OR 32/tables & chairs
Studio A25/chairs OR 15/tables & chairs