Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Information

Stormwater Design

Section 6.1 of the Apex Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) discusses Town stormwater regulations. The Town has adopted the NC Stormwater Design Manual as their stormwater design manual. Planting requirements for applicable SCMs can be found in the Town Design and Development Manual (PDF).

Construction Sequence

The Town has developed a Structural SCM Construction Sequence (PDF) to provide specific information for developers on what is required for structural SCMs prior to Final Plat/CO.

Stormwater SCM Map

View the most recent Stormwater SCM Map (PDF) showing all approved and installed SCMs in Apex.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Agreements

The Town of Apex now requires eRecording for SCM O&M Agreements
The Town of Apex requires that O&M Agreements for SCMs be recorded prior to plats being recorded. In order to assist developers and surveyors, Apex is requiring eRecording for O&M Agreements. The fee for this service is $30 ($26 Wake County Fee + $4 Provider Fee).

The following steps must be completed before Development Services staff will approve plat signing:
  1. E-mail draft O&M Agreement to Development Services for review at
  2. Once draft is approved, deliver hard copy executed O&M Agreement along with $30 check to Development Services.
  3. Development Services will eRecord O&M Agreement and e-mail recorded agreement to developer.
  4. Development Services will write the book and page number of the recorded O&M Agreement on the plat to be recorded.
 View and download the applicable O&M Agreement listed here specific to each SCM:

As-Built Supplements

The Town requires that an SCM As-Built Supplement accompany each SCM As-Built drawing submittal. The purpose of the supplement is to ensure that as-built information for a SCM does not deviate significantly from design information. A supplement form is required for each SCM.

Annual Inspection Reports

All SCM owners are responsible for having all SCMs on their property inspected annually by a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer, land surveyor, or landscape architect performing services only in their area of competence. Each SCM owner will receive a courtesy 30-day notice from the Town the month before their annual inspection is due.

Apex Master SCM List

The Apex Master SCM List (PDF) is a listing of all SCMs and owners in Apex and their respective due date months. SCMs listed in red text have not yet been given final approval by the Town and are not yet due for annual inspection.

Inspection Report Guidelines

Please follow the SCM Inspection Report Guidelines (PDF) for completing the inspection reports. If a site fails inspection, the report is still due to the Town by the inspection deadline. A 60-day period is then granted for repairs. Note that annual inspection reports submitted are subject to follow-up inspection by Town staff.

Inspection Reporting Forms

View and download the Inspection Report for the applicable SCM from this list.  A cover sheet is required with each Inspection Report submittal. Please submit electronic reports only.

SCM Inspectors & Repair Contractors

The Town does not endorse any specific stormwater SCM inspector or repair contractor, but those on the following lists have asked to be named on our website: