Transportation Projects

Any questions regarding current and / or past transportation projects should be referred to Adam Stephenson via email or phone at (919) 249-3417.

Transportation CIP Quarterly Status Report

NOTE: The following list includes state and municipal projects and does not include projects associated with private development.

  1. Traffic Signals
  2. Apex Streets & Sidewalks
  3. NCDOT Roads
  4. Recently Completed

Traffic Signal Projects

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Beaver Creek Commons Drive at Zeno Road Traffic Signal

Beaver Creek Commons Drive at Zeno Road is planned for a metal pole/mast arm traffic signal with signalized crosswalks and associated roadway improvements. Both roadways are maintained by Apex. Therefore, the traffic signal will be owned and maintained by Apex, but operated by NCDOT as part of the NC 55 closed loop signal system. The project is proposed to open the right-in/right-out driveway across from Zeno Road as a full-movement driveway. An additional through lane will be extended eastbound from the bus pull-out area to Zeno Road as well as restriping for an eastbound left turn lane serving the driveway between Wells Fargo and Panda Express.