Tornado / Downbursts

Prepare yourself for an emergency involving a tornado or strong downburst by keeping in mind and practicing the following guidelines.

Prepare Now

  • Buy a battery-powered weather radio and learn local emergency station.
  • Learn what tornado conditions look like.
  • Learn meaning of watch-warning.
  • Identify shelter room (basement, storm cellar, interior room).
  • Plan to secure/evacuate mobile home for adequate shelter.
  • Know shelter locations in places you spend time.
  • Remove branches, tall trees that may fall on house.

Act Now

  • Report any revolving funnel-shaped clouds to authorities.
  • Listen to radio for weather alerts/emergency instructions.
  • See shelter immediately in basement or interior room on lower level; take position under sturdy table.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, outside walls; do not open windows.
  • If not sheltered, lie flat in ditch with hands covering head.
  • Avoid buildings with wide span roofs.
  • If in vehicle, get out seek shelter in ditch.