Commercial Utility Services

Requests for Commercial Utility Services

Accounts established for commercial service will require a Federal Tax ID number and the signature of an authorized representative. Accounts established for non-incorporated businesses will require the Social Security number and signature of the individual operating the business. Deposits for commercial accounts are based on 2 month’s average bill for the location.

View and complete the Commercial Utility Application.

Commercial Deposits

Commercial deposits are based on a two month average bill for the location. Upon review, a letter of credit from a previous electric utility showing 12 months with no more than 2 late payments may waive the deposit requirements. The letter of credit must be in the exact name, social security number or federal ID of the commercial applicant. A Surety Bond for the amount of the deposit may be substituted for a cash deposit. Good credit for a commercial customer is defined as 24 months with no more than 2 late payments per year.

Deposit Returns

Deposits are eligible for refunding after a customer has established good credit with the Town. Refunds are not automatic, the customer must request a refund. Refunds are applied to the utility account and any remaining credit may stay on the account to cover future charges or it may be refunded by check. If a deposit is held on an account at the time services are terminated, the deposit will be applied to the unpaid balance and a refund check issued for the remainder.