Transportation Funding

Projects Needs
Needs are identified by town leaders and town staff, often with input from citizens concerning safety and efficiency, and may be included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) review process each year. These projects can be funded from a variety of sources.

While the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) may propose projects in and around Apex, most transportation projects in Apex are funded at least in part with private and/or municipal funds. Transportation projects may include constructing roadways and bridges, adding curb and lanes to existing roadways, installing and upgrading traffic signal equipment, and constructing sidewalks and crosswalks.

Funding Options
Typical transportation projects include those funded through:
The General Account, Powell Bill Account, and/or municipal bonds may provide financing for local projects. Local projects would be entirely funded and managed by the Town of Apex unless there was also participation from private developers. The last transportation bond referendum was approved by voters in 2004.

Apex continues to be awarded various LAPP projects for sidewalks and roadway projects along Federal Aid Routes. Greenways are also eligible. Apex must fund at least 20% of each LAPP project awarded and is responsible for managing all aspects of the project subject to state and federal requirements.

LAPP was created to allow communities to prioritize eligible projects that may not have otherwise been included in the STIP as an NCDOT-managed project and were not entirely funded through other local sources. All LAPP applications must compete annually against other projects within the larger metropolitan planning region.