Jessie Drive Improvements and Extension

Advance Apex: The 2045 Transportation Plan shows Jessie Drive as a four-lane, median-divided thoroughfare extending from Ten Ten Road to Veridea Parkway. In February 2020, the Town completed a feasibility study for the improvement and extension of Jessie Drive from Ten Ten Road to NC 55. The feasibility study identified the need to divide the Jessie Drive Improvements and Extension project into phases, and prioritized the section of Jessie Drive from Ten Ten Road to future Production Drive as Phase 1. 

  • Update (September 2023): Right of Way acquisition exhibits are in review.
  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex, Russell Dalton, (919) 249-3358
  • Status: 90% design plans on hold pending acquisition appraisals
  • Right of way acquisition anticipated 2023-2026
  • Construction anticipated in 2026

Current Status (June 2023)

Final design plans are underway and property acquisition exhibits are being prepared at this time for additional right of way and easements required for construction.

Final Design Public Hearing (February 2021)

A public hearing was held at Apex Town Council on February 9, 2021 for a Possible Motion to recommend modifying Jessie Drive Phase 1 final design plans to remove the proposed U-turn bulb-out and include the Sweetgum Access Alternative while keeping Sweetgum Drive connected to Jessie Drive as a right-in/right-out access as presented; and, Possible Motion to recommend continuing the 10-foot side path westward along the north side of Jessie Drive in the Phase 1 final design plans to the intersection at future Production Drive/Horton Park Drive. Town Council continued that discussion to the February 23rd meeting as Unfinished Business.

The continuation of this item as Unfinished Business on February 23rd resulted in approval of keeping the U-turn bulb-out as currently proposed in the roadway plans to serve the proposed right-in/right-out condition of Sweetgum Drive, not continuing the ten-foot side path beyond the Horton Park boundary, and directing staff to review and propose potential amendments to the Transportation Plan for future local connectivity to Sweetgum Drive.  The Transportation Plan has since been amended by Council to address that concern.

Final Design Public Open House (July 2020)

A public open house was held on July 16, 2020 at Apex Town Hall.  Preliminary plans were shared with the public and the design team received public comments.

Feasibility Study Final Report (February 2020)

The purpose of the feasibility study is to guide project planning by: evaluating concepts and recommending a preferred alternative, providing a functional design and estimated costs, gathering and responding to initial public input, and identifying potential issues that may require consideration in future planning and design phases. The report can be accessed from the following link: Feasibility Study Report (PDF)