Apex Peakway SW Connector

The Apex Peakway southwest connector project will complete a gap in the existing Peakway, by constructing a four-lane bridge over South Salem Street and the CSX rail line. The project will provide greater connectivity and mobility around town for motorists and pedestrians.

Status (02/01/24)

  • Current Status: Final Design, Permitting, and Bidding documents
  • Lead Contact: Town of Apex, Russell Dalton
  • Estimated Construction Timeline: Begins mid-2024, anticipated to take approximately 36 months
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $30 million (see breakdown in the 'Funding & Schedule' FAQ below)
  • Final Design Plans (September 2023)
  • Environmental consultation document for construction phase has been approved by NCDOT.
  • CSX Railroad Construction Agreement has been fully executed and easements have been acquired.
  • Final signal plans are pending NCDOT approval. 
  • Apex Electric Utilities Department has started utility pole relocation work along S. Salem Street. This work includes tree removal and trimming to shift existing poles and overhead lines back along both the Apex Peakway and S. Salem Street corridors, anticipated to be completed in January. (See map below.)
  • NCDOT will approve a new supplemental agreement in February, approved by Town Council in January, which is required due to the anticipated construction timeline prior to requesting Construction Authorization from Federal Highway Administration.
  • NCDOT requiring all plans & specs to be updated per their newly adopted 2024 Standard Specifications. Change order for design consultant pending.
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Electric Utility Relocation Map

Apex Peakway Electric Utility Relocation Map web

Apex Peakway Southwest Connector Map

Peakway SW Connector Map web

Conceptual Drawing of Peakway Bridge & Ramp

Apex Peakway SW

Background Information

The southwest connector project has been in the works for several years, with community engagement throughout the planning and design phases. See information below presented during various open house sessions. 

Open House Information and Visualizations

Environmental Documentation (January 2018)

The environmental documentation requirements under National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) have been completed and approved. The full documentation can be found here: Approved Categorical Exclusion (PDF).

Traffic Noise Report (February 2017)

In February 2017, the North Carolina Department of Transportation approved the Traffic Noise Report completed for the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project. Traffic noise impacts and temporary construction noise impacts can be a consequence of transportation projects. The Traffic Noise Report utilized computer models created with the latest Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Traffic Noise Model software to predict noise levels and define impacted receptors (locations) along the proposed new roadway project. Five impacted residential receptors were identified. Noise abatement for each impacted receptor was found to be either not reasonable or not feasible. Please review the report for detailed information.

Neighborhood Meetings (February-March 2017) 

In response to comments received at a public open house in December of 2016, the Town hosted additional meetings for those neighborhoods adjacent to the project, including: Shangri-La Mobile Home Park (February 20, 2017), Whitehall Manor (March 6, 2017), and Salem Village (March 14, 2017). During the meetings the project team reviewed the preliminary design of the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project, discussed comments and responses received during the open house held in December, and offered an opportunity for attendees to ask any additional questions.

View the presentation delivered at the neighborhood meetings