Marsha Glickman, Beth Hopper, & Michael Weitzman

May 12 - July 7, 2023  

Free Reception: Fri, May 12, 6pm-8pm
Reception will feature light refreshments and a live jazz duo!

MARSHA GLICKMAN, educated as a clinician and IT consultant, structure and methodical detail show in Marsha’s passion for deconstructing and reconfiguring found paper, paintings, book parts and other ephemera into meaningful works of art. She incorporates right and left brain messages with the effusive use of color to provoke the viewer to see his or her personal story in the work. “As a self-taught artist using only original found materials/ephemera, I find great pleasure in giving the disparate and discarded ephemera an opportunity for a new life; a new purpose and meaning when combined into a single construction. The complexity and hidden messages in these creations reference concepts and historical instances influenced by life experiences: living and travelling internationally, family upbringing, thoughts on world events and scientific education. Marsha does commissions for those who want to display precious memories in a work of art.

Instagram: @foundephemera


BETH HOPPER, based in Apex, North Carolina, she is a self-taught artist partial, though not limited, to acrylics and watercolors. After dabbling in everything from fiction-writing to cross-stitch, she settled into painting as her artistic medium of choice in 2018 and has been honing her skills ever since.Her work meanders through media, subject, and style alike, creating a wide spectrum of pieces from loud, splashy abstracts, to minute architecture studies, to emotive portraits.  This seemingly undisciplined diversity reflects not a lack of focus, but a devotion to the whims of creativity and a desire to remain inspired. Using the same paint gifted to her as a teenager by her paternal grandmother and the brushes used over a lifetime by her maternal grandmother, Beth aims to create art you will love to explore as much as she loved crafting it.

Instagram: @bethhopperart


MICHAEL WEITZMAN, a retired government manager with New York State, he has taken his lifelong love of photography to new levels in recent years. Many of his vibrant landscape and nature images are now displayed to great effect on canvas and aluminum panel. Collected in private homes, at the Duke Cancer Center, and in many commercial sites throughout the SouthEast – Weitzman’s reproductions are highly sought after. Mike is a proud member of the Cary Photographic Artists (CPA) and the Saratoga Arts Council, and former member of the Global Alliance for Arts & Health and Carolina Nature Photographers Association.