Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Efforts

Town leadership initiated the efforts to begin our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIB) journey in late 2019. We committed time and resources to assessing our organization, in order to determine our current climate and inform a multi-year DIB strategy.   

The Town engaged with Diversity & HR Solutions (DHRS) to conduct a comprehensive Organizational Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Assessment, consisting of:

  • Designing and administering a town-wide employee Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Survey.
  • Facilitation of employee Focus Groups to allow DHRS to do a deeper dive on central themes from survey data.
  • Review of hiring and retention data, and analysis of employee data for trends and potential barriers to inclusion.
  • Conducting individual listening sessions with members of Executive Team

The first outcome of this process was a report provided in March 2020 from DHRS containing employee survey results, high-level themes from the survey and focus group sessions, and recommendations for addressing some of those themes. Life and work were both consumed by pandemic-related priorities for the next several months. Even so, the town reengaged with DHRS in June to pick back up with recommendations from the assessment report. 

Later in 2020, DHRS took a deeper dive with the Apex Police Department, and provided recommendations specific to their work.

The Town of Apex chose a path that not all are willing to take. We believe it is important to find the areas that challenge us in order to create a sense of belonging for all in Apex, and we’re dedicated to seeing this plan through.

How We're Moving Forward

A full-time Diversity Officer position has been created to assist us with the efforts outlined in the action plans below.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Reports