Connecting to Town Water and Sewer Service

WS Process

The detailed process for residential water / sewer connection is provided below to assist customers with the resources and requirements necessary to connect to Town services.  Please note sewer service is only available to customers with existing water service or customers who plan to connect to water service.

Is Water / Sewer service available at my property?

Email the Water Resources Program Coordinator at or call 919-372-7478 to determine if water and/or sewer service are available at your locationand to learn if a private or public easement or encroachment agreement is required.

What do I need to do if an easement or encroachment agreement is required to connect to Town services?

You will be required to hire an attorney and surveyor to acquire the private easement. For encroachment agreement assistance visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation Website.  Water and sewer connection work cannot begin until these requirements are received by the Town.

Is Annexation Required?

Reference the Apex Interactive Map to determine if your parcel is located in the Corporate Limits, ETJ, or the Wake County Apex Long Range Planning Area.

Parcels located in the Corporate Limits the customer may proceed to Inspections and Permitting to acquire a permit.

Parcels located in the ETJ will be required to Annex into the Town to receive water / sewer service.  Submit an Annexation Petition Application to the Planning Department.  The application fee is $200.

Parcels located in the Wake County Apex Long Range Planning Area are required to submit an Annexation Petition Application and a Rezoning Petition Application ($700 or $1,000 for Conditional Zoning).  

Contact the Planning Department at planninginfo@apexnc.orgor (919) 249-3426 for assistance with annexation inquiries or application processes.

In the event of an emergency, such as a dry well or septic failure, the Annexation Petition schedule may be expedited if the parcel is in the ETJ and does not require an easement or encroachment agreement.

What will my service and tax rates be if I decide to Annex?

The current water and sewer rate schedule is available on the Town of Apex’s website. Other services available with your utility account are solid waste services (garbage, recycling and yard waste collection).  Once annexed into the town limits you will be assessed the in-town tax rate of $0.39/$100 valuation in addition to the Wake County tax rate of $0.60/$100 valuation.   For more details on tax rates and fees, visit

Do I need a customer account for service?

Yes.  A customer account will need to be setup at the time of permit.  A water meter will not be installed until the customer account has been setup.  Complete the Utilities Connect Online applicationor visit the Finance Department at Town Hall, 73 Hunter Street, to setup your account.  Please contact (919) 362-8676 if you have questions or need assistance setting up your account.

Do I need a Permit to connect to Town service?

Yes.  Upon Planning / Council approval a plumbing permit must be issued and all applicable fees must be paid prior to the start of work. Complete and submit the One and Two Family Dwelling Permit applicationto the Inspections and Permitting Department at Town Hall, 73 Hunter Street.  Contact (919) 249-3418 for questions or assistance with the application process.

What are the fees to connect to Town Water and Sewer?

The permit fees for water / sewer connection are as follows: 

Fee DescriptionCost
Building (Plumbing) Permit$     75
Water Meter - 3/4-inch$   315
Water Tap$2,300
Water Capital Reimbursement Fee$1,788
Street Cut *$1,000
Street Bore *$   550
Sewer Tap *$2,100
Sewer Capital Reimbursement Fee *$4,290
* Fees may not be applicable depending upon location and service availability

The Town will only install water and sewer taps for parcels with an existing home structure or for a new construction home that the property owner intends to occupy after construction.  Properties owned by developers or builders with new residential construction and for profit rental properties must hire a private licensed utility contractor to install the water and sewer tap.  After the permit is issued the water / sewer tap installation can proceed.

What inspections are required?

If the water / sewer tap is installed by a private licensed utility contractor a water / sewer tap inspection must be scheduled with Inspections and Permitting.  The Infrastructure Inspections staff will perform the inspection.  

Following the tap installation(s) a licensed plumber must connect the private water line from the back of the water meter to the home, disconnect the well completely from the home, and connect the home to the sewer service, if applicable.  The licensed plumber must schedule the applicable water / sewer service inspections with the Inspections and Permitting Department.  Contact (919) 249-3418 to schedule the inspection(s).

When will my water meter be installed?

The water meter will not be set until the Plumbing Inspection is passed and the well has been completely disconnected from the home.  Existing wells may be kept for irrigation purposes, if desired, but must stay completely disconnected from the home to prevent cross connection.

Note to commercial properties.The water and sewer tap for new or existing commercial properties must be installed by a private licensed utility contractor.  All commercial customers served by Town water are required to install an approved lead-free backflow assembly prior to the installation of the water meter.  The backflow assembly must be tested within 10 days of the water meter install by a Town approved tester.  Contact the Water Resources Program Coordinator at (919) 372-7478 to obtain more information on the type of backflow assembly that is required for your property.  If a water or sewer main was extended to serve the commercial property other requirements are required before the water meter will be installed.