Ages 6 to 12

Design your own amusement park in this super fun program! Learn how to use LEGO® bricks and other building material to make roller coasters, ferris wheels and other awesome rides.. Can you design the next Disney World? Bring a bagged lunch and then help Sensei Wu Design a new dojo for Snapology made from LEGO® bricks and train your men to battle with the best. Go through ninja training and earn your black belt, Snapology-style. Get ready to have fun and become a Master Ninja. Your child is sure to have fun and the build, learn and play. Build different projects each day! No experience necessary. Snapology instructs. Choose half day camp or add an afternoon session to make it a full day camp. Please bring a snack and a water bottle, and lunch if choosing to register for morning and afternoon camps. Maximum of 20 participants. 


$175(R) $190(NR) (5 classes) 


  • 6597 Jun 11-15 M-F 9am-12pm
  • 6600 Jul 9-13 M-F 9am-12pm 
  • 6601 Jul 30-Aug 3 M-F 9am-12pm 
  • 6602 Aug 13-17 M-F 9am-12pm 
  • 6610 Jun 11-15 M-F 1-4pm 
  • 6609 Jul 9-13 M-F 1-4pm 
  • 6608 Jul 30-Aug 3 M-F 1-4pm 
  • 6607 Aug 13-17 M-F 1-4pm

REGISTRATION DATES FOR PROGRAMS ON THIS PAGE start: March 19 for Residents & April 2 for Non-Apex Residents.