2035 Land Use Map Update - Economic Study and Market Analysis 

The Town of Apex worked with a consultant in 2016 to prepare an economic study and market analysis for a 3,000-acre area near Friendship and New Hill, southwest of Apex’s corporate limits. The identified area was not studied in depth during the development of Peak Plan 2030: The Apex Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2013. The findings of the economic study and market analysis were used by the Town of Apex to evaluate probable land use mixes in the Study Area through the 2035 horizon year.

Recommendations for map amendments based on the study are listed below. Also listed are proposed map amendments for the same areas as recommended by the Town Council’s Planning Committee. Town Council adopted the Planning Committee recommendations on October 18, 2016 with an additional change to the US 1 Activity Center -- include Office Employment with the 17-acre Medium/High Density Residential area adjacent to the railroad right-of-way.

The 2030 Land Use Map (PDF) has been updated to reflect the approved amendments.

Final Documents